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  Engine Tune Up (page 2)
e. Distributor Contact points

1. Inspect distributor contact points and replace and adjust as necessary (.018 gap).

2. If inspection of contact points indicates excessive burning, pitting or wear, check condenser and replace if necessary. Refer to paragraph 68-14.

3. Inspect all connections and wires in the primary ignition circuit. Correct any abnormal conditions found.

f. Carburetor

1. Clean fuel strainer in fuel pump. To prevent fuel leakage in pump, disconnect "in" line from pump and raise end above fuel level.

2. Check for freedom of choke operation and lubricate Bowden cable.

3. Inspect throttle linkage for wear. With helper depressing accelerator pedal to floor, check for wide open throttle. Lubricate linkage pivot points with engine oil.

g. Air Cleaner

1. Clean wire air cleaner element by tapping lightly to remove any foreign material every 6,000 miles and replace every 12,000 miles. Discard paper element and replace. If a vehicle is operated in dusty territory, check condition of air cleaner element more frequently and replace if necessary.

h. Fan Belt

1. Inspect belt for wear, cracks or frayed points and check for proper tension.

2. Replace and/or adjust as necessary. Specified tension for belt using Gauge J-7316 is 45 lbs.

i. Cooling System

1. Inspect the radiator, water pump, cylinder head areas and all radiator and heater hose connections for evidence of coolant leaks.

2. Inspect all hoses for deterioration from gas and oil contact. Correct as required.

NOTE: Inspection should be made with engine at normal temperature, cooling system completely filled, temperature control lever fully open and normal pressure in the system.

j. Engine Lubrications System

1. Inspect engine for evidence of oil leakage. Correct as required.

k. Battery

1. Inspect batter, battery mount and cables and check electrolyte level.

2. Determine the serviceability of the battery by applying the 421 Batter Test.

l. Positive Crankcase Ventilation

1. Clean crankcase ventilator metered orifice every 6,000 miles. Also all hoses and fitting should be inspected, cleaned and replaced, if necessary.

2. To clean, remove rubber hose from metered orifice and apply air pressure to orifice to remove any foreign particles that may be trapped.

m. Valve Rocker Arm Cover Wire Mesh

1. Remove rocker arm cover and clean cover and wire mesh in a suitable solution. Blow out excess solution in wire mesh with air pressure.

n. Valve Clearance Adjustment

1. Before adjusting valve clearance, the engine must be thoroughly warmed up to normal operating temperature.

a. Remove valve rocker arm cover.

b. Adjust valve clearance with engine running at slow idle.

 Valve Clearance
1.1 Liter Engine
1.9 Liter Engine
Intake Valves
Exhaust Valves
Adjustment to the specified clearance is accomplished by turning adjusting nut which holds rocker arm in place. Insert feeler gauge between rocker arm and valve stem. Feeler gauge should slide with a slight drag when adjusted correctly. Adjusting nut is self-locking.

c. Replace rocker arm cover gasket. Install rocker arm cover. Torque to 5 lb. ft.

 69-5 Engine Tune-up Instrument Checks

The following instrument checks and adjustments serve as a final check on engine condition.  These checks may discover some new problems that may not have been obvious before. The engine is also given it's final adjustments that will assure maximum performance, reliability and proper emission control.

a. Cranking Voltage Check

Refer to Paragraph 68-10.

b. Ignition Timing

Refer to Paragraph 68-16.

c. Distributor Advance

Refer to Paragraph 68-19.

d. Ignition Output

Refer to Paragraph 68-18.

e. Secondary Resistance

Refer to Paragraph 68-17.

f. Current Output and Voltage Setting

Refer to Paragraph 68-9.

g. Idle Speed and Mixture Adjustments

Refer to Paragraph 64-12.

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