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Gary Samuel's Page

I can't think of a better way to describe Gary's car, then to share his Email with you. Gary is a super guy with an awesome GT! My thanks' go out to Gary for his addition to the Swapmeet! You are now the envy of hundreds upon thousands of Opel GT lovers!  - Tim Doyon

"Tim, Glad you like my car. It is my daily driver. I put about  50 miles on it a day. The car is basically stock except for Weber carb., elect.  ignition, new paint, 3-point seat belts, sheepskins, AM-FM CD player, and  soundproofing. There are many other minor changes. I bought he car off of  the Internet from a guy in San Diego about 2 years ago. Drove it home to  Seattle. The car had 99K on the odometer. I had no trouble on the trip home. The  previous owner had complete maintenance records on the car. He also had  every receipt for everything he did to the car. The car has no rust anywhere. It  is hard to find a good GT these days, but no rust? It even has the original  distributor cover. It is a complete joy to drive. About the only thing left to  replace is the dash. It has the usual cracks. Its not a big deal, I have a  Dashmate cover on it now. Thanks again for your interest in my car. I would be  honored to have my car added to your site."
Gary Samuels  

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