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Leif Gordon's 73 GT
Leif's father purchased this fine 1973 Opel GT about 12 years ago from it's original owner. At first, he tells
me the car was not to drive, but they were forced to after his other car broke down, (you see, everything does
happen for a reason). The car is in great condition, especially with 160k on the speedometer. The car is
all stock and has minimal rust. It seems that Leif, like the rest of us, has fallen in love with his GT. He
comments on it's personality and the reaction's of people that see the car.Leif, you have a great GT
there... we're proud to have you in the visitor's area. You mention all those things that we find so endearing
about our GT's... it's uniqueness, it's personality, etc.Now, how about more pictures!
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