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GT Heater System

Specifications and Adjustments

1.1 Liter
1.9 Liter
Recommended Coolant
Ethylene-Glycol Base
Thermostat Opens at (degrees)
Cooling system capacity (with heater)
5 qt.
6 qt.
Blower Motor Type
12 VDC
Blower Fan Type
Squirrel Cage

 12-22 Control Cable Adjustment

Adjustment of the control cables is accomplished by positioning the jacket or sheath of the control cable, (as held by the clamps on the control assembly and heater case).

To adjust control cables, loosen the clamps and move the cable sheath in or out as required to obtain full travel of lever.


Description and Operation

 12-23 Flow-Through Ventilation System Description and Operation

A separate ventilation system for direct intake of outside air is controlled by two plastic fresh air inlet nozzles in the side kick panels and two lever operated inlet nozzles located on either end of the instrument panel assembly.

The air allowed to enter the passenger compartment will exit through outlets on both sides of the back glass.

 12-24 Heater System Description

 Figure 12-21 Heater Assembly - Rear View
 Figure 12-22 Heater Assembly - Front View

The GT heater system consists of two component assemblies: (1) heater assembly, and (2) control assembly. The heater assembly consists of the heater housing and air valves; heater core, water valve and pipe assembly; and blower motor and fan assembly.

The flow of air enters the car through the cowl; passes through the blower fan, through or around the heater core, past the air inlet door and is then directed to either the floor outlets or defroster jets or both depending on the position of the defroster door.

The heater-defroster air door directs the air to the floor outlets, defroster jets, or apportions the air flow to both outlets depending on the position of the door.  A manual water valve regulates the flow of coolant through the heater core thereby varying the temperature of the airflow past the core. The blower motor is located in the forward portion of the heater housing. See Figure 12-21.

Opening and closing of the heater defroster air door and manual water valve is accomplished by Bowden Cables connected to the heater control. The heater controls function as follows:

Air Inlet-Defroster Control (Upper Lever) - This lever regulates the flow of coolant through the heater core and the amount of air that can by-pass heater core thereby increasing of decreasing the air temperature proportionate to its travel (toward red dot = warm, toward the blue dot = cold).

NOTE: Unheated air may be circulated through the car by leaving the temperature control in the OFF position.

Blower Switch - This switch actuates blower motor to low or high blower speed.

 12-25 Heater System Operation

To operate heater, proceed as follows:

1. Position air inlet, heater-defroster control  as desired.

Arrow head pointing down - air out of heater outlets.
Arrow head pointing up - air out of defroster jets.
Between lower and upper position -air to both heater and defroster outlets.

2. Position temperature control as desired to increase or decrease temperature of air.

3. Position blower switch as desired to operate blower at low or high speed.


Service Procedures

 12-26 Instrument Panel Fresh Air Outlet, Removal and Installation

1. Remove instrument panel cover assembly. Refer to Group 120.

2. Snap grille out of outlet.

3. Remove knob from lever and remove outlet.

4. Install reverse of removal procedure.

 12-27 Kick Panel Fresh Air Outlet Removal and Installation

1. Using a screwdriver, carefully pry out outlet.

2. Install reverse of removal procedure.

 12-28 Blower Switch Removal and Installation

1. Remove instrument panel assembly. Refer to Group 120.

2. Unscrew switch assembly from panel.

3. Install reverse of removal procedure.

 12-29 Heater Removal and Installation

1. Remove lower radiator hose, drain and collect coolant.

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