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Opel GT

For the Opel GT Enthusiast!


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Opel GT Links

If you have an Opel related site and would like to see a link to it here, please E-mail me at:. Please be sure to leave your URL and E-mail address... I'll be more than happy to check it out and will let you know if I add the link.

Thanks to all who help keep the Opel's going...
TOGETHER we can keep the dream alive!

Opel Parts

Opel GT Source
Hands down  the greatest source for new Opel GT parts in the world!
 An essential resource for the Opel GT enthusiast!

The UK's only authorized dealer of Opel parts!

Opel GT Enthusiast

A "must see" site... lot's of great content!

A new site that you are sure to love! Check it out!

If you're into the classic Opel GT, you must check out this great site!

a web site for the Opel GT

Cool site Chris!

Lot's of good stuff here!

See the restoration of Todd's Award-Winning Opel GT!

Opel Groups & Clubs

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If you are an Opel owner, you know the struggles.
You have two choices, do it alone or surround yourself with
a group of friends that have the same hobby. This is where you find
those friends... so join today! Together we will keep the dream alive!

A great Opel Club... Check it out!

Opel (any model)

Great pictures and information found here!

German Site with a lot of pictures


Miscellaneous Automotive

 A site with ton's of Opel links!

Links to only the best automotive sites!

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